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Guest posts that are successful should be in-depth, data-driven, amusing, and educational. To increase your chances of getting published on our blog, ensure that your submission.

Is a relevant, well-researched post (preferably 1300+ words) with actionable tips.

We will not republish content that has already been published elsewhere.

Only includes comments that are verified by links to credible research or case studies. Avoid referring to our competitors and offering unrelated promotional links to websites.

Avoid using stock photos that don’t add any value to the copy.

Include bullet points, subheadings, and condensed paragraphs to improve readability.

• Submissions must adhere to the quality standards set by the Sewing Brain content team for publication. Editors retain the right to reject contributions at their discretion and may make minor edits to submitted articles.

• Your post should be 100% original and unpublished. You can repost it on your blog or other websites once it is live on our site; simply include a brief disclaimer at the conclusion stating that it first appeared on the Get Response blog and providing a link to the original article.

• Articles must be at least 1300 words in length and provide valuable insights or information to our readers.

• Each article is permitted only one self-serving link. This can either be a link to a relevant and informative resource within the body of the article (a do-follow link), or a link to your personal website or social media channel in the author bio (also a do-follow link).

• You may also include links to other relevant articles from our sewing blog, but excessive linking should be avoided, with a suggested maximum of three links in total.

• Outbound links must be pertinent to our blog’s content. Links to unrelated topics such as dating sites, SEO agencies, or credit-related websites are not permitted.

• Once an article is published on our blog, it cannot be republished elsewhere, including on your own blog.

• Including images and videos in your article is encouraged, as they enhance the reader’s experience.

• Images should have a width of 580 pixels or less and should be sent as separate attachments.

• It is essential to ensure that you have the right to use any images and videos included in your article and provide appropriate credit when necessary.

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