Singer M1000 Review- Top Sewing & Mending Machine

Does your mending, stitching, and patchwork-related projects often get late? If yes, there is a clear problem with your stitching machine speed, and it should be replaced with a heavy-duty model as soon as possible.

SINGER makes the speediest of all sewing machines, and the M1000 model is one of them. A complete piece of information on the Singer M1000 review is written; you can check out the details.

It gets sewing and mending projects done speedily, on time, and also with ease. 32 stitch applications are there to meet your sewing needs, and the free-arm design lets you access hard-to-reach areas of the garment, like hems and sleeves cuffs. Time to sew faster without exhausting your body, and the M1000 machine can assist you in this area.

Overview of Singer M1000 Sewing Machine

Overview of Singer M1000 Sewing Machine
  • Offer 32 stitch applications
  • A transparent bobbin monitors the thread supply
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Reverse lever and adjustable tension

Make ‘’Singer M1000’’ your loyal and trustworthy sewing partner. It is an extraordinarily-designed sewing machine that you should try out.

Lightweight and portable, 32 stitch applications, beginner-friendly operations, suitable for heavy and light sewing projects and on-the-go stitching solution- this is the basic picture of this model we have sketched for you.

It includes all the essential stitches that your project needs. For example, making straight and zig-zag stitches, multi-stitches in the zig-zag pattern, and blind hem- all can be made via this machine.

This reviewed machine’s highlight, and the noticeable trait is the free-arm design. Most users have found accessing hems and sleeve cuffs extremely harder and more challenging. But M1000 lets you access these hard-to-reach areas of the garment without posing any difficulty.

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How about spotting the feature of top drop-in bobbin in this machine? Yes, this much-needed feature is right here right now. It lets you easily thread and see how much thread is left. You will not run out of thread while you are in the middle of a seam. Monitoring the thread supply has become easy and lot convenient.

And how can we forget that ”easy stitch selection” is the next popular feature of M1000? The stitch selector dial instantly grabbed our attention, and its fundamental role is to help you choose the right stitch that syncs with the project requirement and fabric type.

Key Specifications of Singer M1000 Sewing Machine

BrandSingerBodyFree arm design
ModelM1000PerformanceEasy to thread
Power sourceAc/DcOperationsEasy to sew trouser hems and sleeve cuffs
Stitch applications32USPLightweight and easy to carry

Features of Singer M1000 Review

KEY features and specifications of Singer M1000

32-stitch applications, easy to sew and quick to thread, free arm design, top drop-in bobbin- that is the summarized overview of the Singer M1000 machine. The rest of the complete details of the features are written below:

Offer 32 stitch applications

With this dynamic sewing application, you will get a golden chance and a remarkable opportunity to try out 32-stitch applications. It is assumed that your stitching skills and technique will improve if you start practicing on M1000.

It makes you a pro in making straight, reverse, zig-zag stitches, and there is so much more that you can do with it. The more you explore and use it, the more you will find it more creative and unique than other machines.

A transparent bobbin monitors the thread supply

You will not run out of thread in the middle of the stitching job. This machine has a transparent bobbin and clear cover, and its prime job is to check the thread supply and alert the user on time when the thread quantity reaches low.

The free arm design and stitch selector dial - singer m100 review

The free arm design and stitch selector dial

Traditional sewing machines lack a free-arm design. With technological advancement, the current models have a free-arm design, and Singer M1000 is one of them. Sewing trouser hems and sleeve cuffs will become fun. Furthermore, the stitch selector dial has made the operations easy and so quick. Just turn the dial, choose the stitch, that is all!

Lightweight and portable

Customers have found this dynamic machine quite portable, travel-friendly, and lightweight. It weighs 5.5 lbs and seems easy to carry and quick to store. You can conveniently place it in small spaces.

Reverse lever and adjustable tension

Press and hold the reverse lever and get the smooth and best-quality reverse stitches. This feature lets you secure and finish the seams in one go. Moreover, adjustable tension fine-tunes the stitch and brings more finishing to the sewing technique.

Thus, for mending, basic sewing, tailoring, and patchwork- Singer M1000 can be your best buddy. Even for garment repair, you can have it. It has made the stitching job faster, effortless, and simpler than it was in the past. You will be able to make the right stitch whether you are operating it for the first time. This machine has got our thumbs up for light and heavy sewing projects.


  • It offers 32-stitch applications
  • Easy to thread and comes with a free-arm design
  • Reverse lever for securing seams


  • Slightly on the costly side
FAQs: Singer M100 Review

FAQs: Singer M100 Review

What are the benefits of an electric sewing machine?

The prime benefit offered by an electric-powered sewing machine is the speed. You can sew any fabric quickly and without hassle. The motor powers the needle and can make hundreds of stitches in a single minute.

How to maintain the durability of sewing machines?

You can maintain the durability of sewing machines by keeping them covered when unused. Prevent dust and debris from getting accumulated on them. Use high-quality thread to prevent dust buildup right on the machine’s interior. In addition, keep the bobbin case well-cleaned.

What are the major components of a sewing machine?

The major components of a sewing machine include thread guides, a presser foot, a needle, and a bobbin.

Singer M1000 review

Conclusion: Singer M100 Review

We have done our job by providing you with an honest review of the Singer M1000. The decision is all yours now! This sewing machine has fascinated and attracted many customers, and we are sure your name will also be included in the list sooner.

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