Singer 44s Review – Classic Hd Sewing Machine – Why It is in Demand?

Have you ever tried sewing machines manufactured by SINGER? If not, do that now! SINGER 44S is currently the hit and most-loved mechanical stitching machine model.

Its design is heavy-duty, which brings a more professional and smooth effect to your sewing job. It supports all fabrics, and the extra-high sewing speed is another highlight. You get accurate and precise results in no time, which is a plus!

No need to waste your money on buying standard sewing machines. They are a mess and a nightmare to operate. The inclusion of stainless steel bed plate and metal frame allows fabrics to be stitched smoothly and without trouble.

For more details on the SINGER 44S review, you can read the remaining part of this post. In case of any ambiguity, share with us your queries, and we will further guide you:

Overview of SINGER 44S Sewing Machine

Overview of SINGER 44S Sewing Machine
  • Multiple Stitch Applications
  • Enhanced And Improved Piercing Power
  • One-Step Buttonhole
  • Multipurpose

The SINGER Classic 23-Stitch machine is assumed to be the most powerful, heavy-duty, mechanically designed and industrial-grade/commercial-grade stitching machine. It is known for its extra high speed, which is why customers have continuously praised it.

Furthermore, it lets you make 1000 stitches in a single minute, which is impressive and amazing. You can sew anything via this machine. Be it any fabric, you are good to go. The interior frame is made of metal, keeping the machine durable and 100% rugged enough. With such a framed structure, you can smoothly stitch the fabric and make even, uniform lines.

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Moreover, the stainless steel bed plate withstands long hours of use. The machine does not unnecessarily heat up and stays calm and cool even after prolonged use. Its top features are automatic needle threader. With this amazing quality, you can start on the stitching project anytime. No hassle in threading the needle is there now.

A total of 23 built-in stitches are included. You can create any embellishment, stitch or patchwork with such a wide variety. So, have this SINGER 44S classic sewing machine and enjoy each bit of the stitching moment. It lets you adjust the stitch density, length and width too. The three-needle positioning system brings immense flexibility, ease and smoothness to the operations.

Key Specifications of Singer 44s Sewing Machine

BrandSINGERPower sourceCorded Electric
Model44SBodyRugged and durable
ColorGrayIdeal forAll stitching projects
MaterialMetalUSPAutomatic needle threader

Features of SINGER 44S Sewing Machine

KEY features and specifications OF SINGER 44S review

Here we have discussed the features of SINGER 44S in a more elaborate style. You can check out the required information:

Multiple stitch applications

The SINGER 44S machine offers multiple stitch applications. You enjoy sewing a range of fabrics and materials without any difficulty. In addition, the wide number of built-in stitch patterns opens more avenues of creativity, personalization and customization. You can inject basic, decorative, standard, patchwork stitches into the fabric.

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Enhanced and improved piercing power

Undoubtedly, this model possesses enhanced, upgraded and improved piercing power. The stitching speed looks flawless and maximum. It has a stronger power that plays a prime role in boosting the speed, operations and piercing capability.

Besides, you can sew multiple layers, heavy and thicker fabrics with ‘’zero difficulty’’. Plus, it is the most recommended machine for larger projects that require extensive seam finishes and long seams.

One-step button hole - SINGER 44S Review

One-step buttonhole

The one-step buttonhole mechanism runs automatically. You will find this sewing part so easy and quick to do! It is guaranteed that reliable results will be provided every time. What is required from you is to place the button right there in the buttonhole foot, and the sewing machine will see the buttonhole with accuracy.


You can have the SINGER 44S machine for attaching buttons, darning pants, and experiencing free-motion sewing. Wide ranges of stitch applications are offered, which is a terrific trait to witness.

You can sew piece quilts, fashionable fabrics and crafts; the list is endless. It allows you to make blind hem stitches, straight and zig-zag stitches, multi-step zig-zag and decorative stitches.

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So, what have you decided? We strongly suggest you own this sewing machine. Its stitch length and width are already preset, which means no guesswork will be there, and you can sew the fabric with much-needed accuracy and precision.

No wonder this machine has completely eliminated the concept of guesswork. Lastly, the internal rigid and resiliently designed metal frame supports the machine enough.


  • Features a powerful motor
  • Extra-high sewing speed
  • Heavy-duty metal interior frame


  • Need hi-fi maintenance

What causes the thread of a sewing machine to tangle?

If the tension settings are not adjusted properly, the thread of a sewing machine is likely to tangle. It is assumed that difference in thread weight causes the sewing machine to draw threads at varied rates, ultimately leading to knots and messy tangles. Switching from heavy to delicate fabric becomes very challenging when such an issue arrives.

How to know if the bobbin tension is too loose or too tight?

Loose or tight bobbin tension gives a tough sewing time. If the thread manages to unwind without showing any resistance, it means you have set the bobbin tension too loose. On the other hand, if the bobbin case fails to budge, you have set the tension too tight.

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What are the standard and most basic sewing machine settings?

The standard sewing-related tasks are done in between the 2.0 to 2.5 range. If you are paper piecing, it is recommended to reduce the stitch length. In this way, the paper will tear effortlessly and easily. Furthermore, quilting and top stitching are done in the range of 3.0 to 3.5. And basting stitches are the longest; they need a 4.0 to 4.5 range.


Conclusion Singer 44S Review

No doubt, SINGER has manufactured and successfully engineered top-of-the-line stitching machines. Talking about this model, SINGER 44S has thousands of fans out there. So, what are you waiting for? Have this sewing machine and stitch in any customized way. Stay connected!

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