JUKI TL2000Qi Review- Juki TL-2000Qi Machine Why Buy it?

The hunt to get a top-quality sewing and quilting machine has ended. JUKI brand makes excellent stitching machines, and we have reviewed one such model for you. It is JUKI TL2000Qi!

You might be interested in this model because it has upgraded LED lights, one pedal operating mechanism, an automatic needle threader, an aluminum-made die-cast arm and it offers low-vibration operation.

The maximum stitch length is 6mm, and the speed is 1500 SPM. You can have it for quilting and basic stitching. An extension table is included for a wide, deep, spacious work area. For more details on the JUKI TL2000Qi review, you can check out the below-written part of this post:

Our Review of the JUKI TL2000Qi Quilting Machine

Overview of JUKI TL2000Qi
  • Premium performance and operations
  • Simple controls and automatic needle threader
  • Multiple speed options
  • Precise feeding system

JUKI has consistently played a crucial and significant part in making quality sewing machines that have maintained their excellence, individuality, and performance.

Talking about the JUKI TL2000Qi model, it has LED lights, offers a wide workspace, an extension table is included, and an automatic needle threader mechanism is installed. Most importantly, the speed is 1500 SPM. Have it for patchwork, quilting, basic stitching, and home décor.

One pedal operating mechanism makes it a beginner-friendly machine. The operations stay noise-free and low vibrations are produced due to the aluminum-made die-cast arm. In addition, the machine stays stable whether you are sewing the thickest and heaviest fabric. JUKI has consistently left a good impression, comfort, and peace of mind to customers, which is why we have given our thumbs up to TL2000Qi.

Key Specifications JUKI TL2000Qi Quilting Machine

BrandJUKIArmAluminum-made die-cast arm
ModelTL2000QiOperationsLow vibration
TypeSewing and quilting machineSpeed1500 SPM
Power sourceTreadle PoweredUSPExtension table included

Features of JUKI TL2000Qi Sewing Machine

key features of JUKI TL2000Qi sewing machine review Why buy it

Let us see what unique features the TL2000Qi has in it! 100% satisfactory performance is guaranteed. The stitching quality only looks fine and smooth when you use a quality machine. And among so many choices and options, we have chosen the TL2000Qi model.

Premium performance and operations

The TL2000Qi machine is designed in a way to blend premium performance and operations. It has LED lights to let the user stitch easily if the surrounding lighting is insufficient. Furthermore, one pedal operating mechanism keeps the sewing job easy and quick to be done. The stitching speed is 1500 SPM which is quite a satisfactory number.

This machine seems the most perfect and appropriate for quilting apparel and performing basic sewing tasks. It features an automatic needle threader, and the aluminum arm keeps the machine stable and shake-free and operations noise-free. You will also get an extension table; make the most of it and extend the workspace if assigned a large project.

Simple controls and automatic needle threader

Simple controls and the injection of automatic needle threaders are the key reasons that the demand for TL2000Qi is increasing daily. Multiple built-in stitches let you sew the fabric with more creativity. This machine ensures excellence, inventiveness, and originality at its peak for sure. You can trouble-freely make the basic, decorative, stretch, and buttonhole stitches.

On the other hand, the automatic needle threader allows you to thread the needle without bringing any minor strain onto your eyes. It reduces eye fatigue, exhaustion, and frustration. The mechanism stays jam-resistant which is a plus!

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multiple speed options of juki quilting sewing machine

Multiple speed options

The average stitching speed which TL2000Qi offers is 1500 SPM, but you can adjust it according to the project’s needs. Powering it at a high or low speed is not a problem. The fabric type and sewing style will decide at what speed the machine should be set! Besides, using the walking foot for sewing denim and quilting is recommended. Stitching multiple layers of fabric requires a walking foot.

Precise feeding system

The reviewed sewing machine is encased with a precise feeding system. The throat plate, pressure foot, and feed dog work at their best. Note that the throat plate is of stainless steel, and the surface looks smooth. It will be easy for you to feed fabrics of any thickness.

Due to the precise and accurate feeding system in TL2000Qi, you can control the feeding speed effortlessly. Thus, have this sewing machine and get an unmatchable sewing experience.

The automatic buttonholer and feed dog adjustment, friendly controls and good ergonomics, lightweight body, adjustable needle position, presser feet, and power switch- all these remarkable qualities have made TL2000Qi a blockbuster model.

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  • Updated design with LED lights
  • It offers one pedal operation
  • Quick Speed
  • Fabric Friendliness
  • Automatic needle threader and aluminum arm


  • Limited guarantee
  • High Price of TL-2000Qi
  • Regular Maintenance Required
frequently asked questions about juki tl2000qi

FAQs About Juki TL-2000Qi

Which features make a sewing machine better?

Quality stitching machines offer maximum sewing speed. They help you produce and create quality stitches and seams. Extensive stitch range options are offered. Computerized sewing machines have a solid metal construction and multiple needle positioning options. The LCD screen display gives you accurate stats about stitch length and width.

What type of stitches do sewing machines make?

The common stitches sewing machines can make are straight stitch, reverse stitch, overcast/over-lock, and zig-zag stitch. Others are satin stitch, cross stitch, back stitch, blanket stitch, blind and chain stitch,

Proper bobbin tension is needed for good stitching, quilting, and embroidery. If tension is tight, unwanted bobbin thread starts appearing on the fabric’s top. The thread will break frequently, wasting the user’s time. It is recommended to keep the bobbin tension between 18 to 22 grams.


Conclusion of Juki TL200QI Review

JUKI is a world leader in making sewing machines. They have always upgraded their stitching machine models and try to develop the best version. Usage of hi-fi technology is their USP.

The TL2000Qi is perfect for stitching and quilting light to medium-weight fabrics. With engineering, the operations will remain free from vibration and noise. Do not waste a single second now ordering this machine. It will help bring more efficiency, accuracy, and ease to your sewing-related tasks. Stay connected to get regular news and updates.

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