Pre-Washing Fabric! How to Wash Fabric Before Sewing?

Washing the garment before you cut it into pieces and begin the sewing process is known as Pre-washing. Pre-washing varies from fabric to fabric. This is why it is important to be well-versed in the kind and composition of fabrics you frequently use. False knowledge or incomplete knowledge can lead to an irreversible disaster. 

Some people believe that pre-washing is not a mandatory step that you should religiously follow. They believe that people who wash their clothes before cutting and sewing do it for their mental satisfaction. For instance, a person who is having some psychological issue or who is superstitious assumes that something evil will happen to them if they would sew clothes before washing them. Science doesn’t believe in superstitions.

Over the years, scientific research has shown how important it is to wash fabrics before cutting them into pieces and sewing them. 

Furthermore, robust research is available on methods that you can apply while pre-washing. Now, don’t jump to the conclusion that this writing aims at entertaining science enthusiasts with all the latest research related to pre-washing, and since you are not a science buff, you ought to close this site right away. This writing doesn’t contain facts and figures. People from all backgrounds can read it. It contains knowledge about how to wash fabric before sewing!

The main purpose of this writing is to make you understand the pre-washing method in the most simplified way so that you won’t ruin your most expensive dress!

Why is it Necessary to Pre-wash the Fabric Before Sewing? how to wash fabric before sewing

Why is it Necessary to Pre-wash the Fabric Before Sewing?

In 90 percent of the cases, pre-washing the garment before sewing is a must thing to do. Experts have explained it in three ways: 

To Wash Out Excessive Dye - how to wash fabric before sewing

1.     To Wash Out Excessive Dye

Most of the time, fabrics come with excessive dyes, especially those fabrics that are vibrant in color. For instance, shocking pink or blood-red fabric will have an increased quantity of dyes compared to a fabric that is light-colored. Also, these fabrics release colors that can change the color of other fabrics. This is why dark-colored fabrics are washed separately from other clothes.

to Lessen Stiffness- how to wash fabric before sewing

2.     To Lessen Stiffness

During manufacturing, most of the garments are provided with starch treatments that make the fabric more coarse and stiff. When you pre-wash such fabrics, you greatly reduce the stiffness.

to Pre-shrink the Fabric - how to wash fabric before sewing

3.     To Pre-shrink the Fabric

Pre-washing decreases the shrinkage of fabrics. 90 percent of the fabrics reduce their size if they are cut without pre-washing. This is because fabrics are knitted or woven under tension. When such fabrics are soaked in water, tension releases before the fabric reduces in size (Please note that the shrinking capacity of each fabric is different). 

For example, linen is more likely to shrink because of its moisture-retaining properties. Cotton is also notorious for its shrinking properties. These are the three primary reasons for pre-washing fabrics before sewing.

Pre-Washing Fabrics Before Cutting and Sewing - how to wash fabric before sewing

Pre-Washing Fabrics Before Cutting and Sewing

Pre-washing is more or less similar to everyday washing. If you are used to washing clothes in a washing machine, you can pre-wash the fabric in it too. However, the speed of the washing machine will not be the same. For pre-washing fabric, make sure you use the gentlest cycle. Also, during pre-washing, you don’t need to use washing powder or any other detergent. Still, if you want to use detergent or washing powder, you need to use around a quarter of the actual amount. 

To avoid fraying of fabrics during pre-washing in the washing machine, it is better to place it inside a mesh laundry bag. Also, it is highly recommended not to fill the machine with clothes. Washing all garments in one cycle sounds amazing, but it also increases the likelihood of wear and tear. To prevent your clothes from ruining, try not to full washing machine to the mouth. Give it enough space to run the cycle.

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If you don’t want to pre-wash the fabric in the washing machine, you can do it by hand. For that, you will need a bucket full of water. Water should neither be too cold nor too hot. Submerge the garment in water and leave it there for some time. After 40 to 60 minutes, you can take out the fabric. Move it below the tap water, squeeze the absorbed water, and let it sun dry. 

Squeezing the fabric with full force can cause permanent damage to the fabric. It also causes the fabric to wrinkle. Make sure you don’t squeeze the fabric with all you might. Be gentle with the fabric.

Final Statement - how to wash fabric before sewing

Final Statement! How To Wash Fabric Before Sewing

Pre-washing is as important as the everyday washing of clothes. It has many benefits. For instance, it prevents the fabric from shrinking. It helps in maintaining the soft texture of the fabric. It also allows you to get rid of excessive chemicals and dyes. Most people pre-wash fabrics in the washing machine, while others do it with their hands. It is up to you which method suits you the best. 

Our job was to tell you how important it is to wash the fabric before sewing and how to wash fabric before sewing. Hopefully, we did justice to the topic!

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