6 Steps! How to Sew Sleeves at Home?

Sewing sleeves onto a body piece is a nightmare for the majority of people, especially those who do not know how to sew sleeves or have never tried sewing and threading before in their lives.

Are you ready to transform a sewing nightmare into a leisurely pastime? Join us as we unravel the secrets of sleeve sewing, turning it from a daunting task into a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Let’s dive into the captivating world of stitching and discover the joy that comes with mastering the art of sewing sleeves!

The good news is that the nightmare can be transformed into a leisure activity only if you put some dedicated hours into it. Sewing would appear to you a duck’s soup after you learn the basics. 
If you learn the method of sewing sleeves now, you will be able to ponder the difficult part later. Remember, it is a general rule of thumb to start with the easy part and then move to the difficult part. Let’s not waste more time and learn how to sew sleeves!

CLOSE THE SEAMS BEFORE SEWING - how to sew sleeves at home

Step 1: Close the Seams Before Sewing 

Remember, whenever you are sewing sleeves, you need to close the shoulder seams first. For that purpose, you will have to arrange the correct sides of the body pieces vertically to ensure that the seams are even with each other. For securing the seams, pin and sew the edges with the sewing machine. The first straight stitch should be around 1.3 cm wide. Avoid sewing past the shoulder area or along the armhole openings or neckline. 

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Step 2: Leave the Sides of the Body Pieces Wide

The second thing you need to do is to leave the sides of the fabric open. Leaving them open is important for the flat sewing method. Please note that the sides of the fabric in the context mean pieces of fabric that run down the sides of the abdomen.

Step 3: Observe the Center of the Sleeves  - how to sew sleeves

Step 3: Observe the Center of the Sleeves

Before sewing or pinning sleeves to the body piece, it is important to pinpoint the central part of the shoulder so that you guarantee an even fit between the shoulder point and the sleeves. Mark the center of the sleeve at the shoulder before folding the sleeves in half lengthwise. Then, take out 1 of your sleeves and turn it around to ensure that the correct side of the garment is facing downward.

Step 4: Ensure that Sleeves Are Evenly Distributed  - how to sew sleeves at home

Step 4: Ensure that Sleeves Are Evenly Distributed

For securing the armhole opening and shoulder sleeves, pin along the edges. Before pinning, make sure that the right side of the fabric is facing the body piece’s fabric. From the central point of the shoulder, start pinning. This will help you in figuring out if the sleeves are evenly distributed or not.

Step 5: Sew Along the Edges . how to sew sleeves at home

Step 5: Sew Along the Edges

Once you have pinned your sleeves in the correct place, make a straight stitch of about 0.5 inches with the help of your sewing machine. As you proceed, take off the pins. After you are done with the sewing part, get rid of the excess threads. Repeat the same process with the other sleeve.

Before sewing either of the sides, make sure you have sew the sleeves onto the garment. Otherwise, you won’t be in a position to open up the fabric all the way and lay it out flat.

Step 6: Give Some Final Touches, how to sew sleeeves

Step 6: Give Some Final Touches

After you have sewed both the sleeves onto the body pieces, turn the whole garment inside out in such a way that all the seams become visible to you. After that, line up the edges of the sleeves and the body pieces to make sure that all are even.

Once they are in place, place like along the bottom of the sleeves and sides of the body piece to secure them together. Once pins are in place, it will be easy for you to line the fabric as you sew. Start sewing along the sides of the shirt and the bottom edges of your sleeves with the help of a sewing machine. 

Remove the pins and extra thread as you are done with the sewing process! This is the simplest and easiest method that how to to sew sleeves at home. 

Sewing Sleeves at Home - Final Statement  . how to sew sleeves

Best Sewing Machine for Sewing Sleeves

Choosing the right sewing machine can make a significant difference in your sleeve-sewing experience.

Consider these features:

  1. Free Arm Capability:
    • A sewing machine with a free arm facilitates sewing sleeves by providing easy access to circular garment areas.
  2. Adjustable Stitch Length and Width:
    • Opt for a machine with adjustable stitch settings for precise control over seam allowances and stitch styles.
  3. Automatic Needle Threader:
    • Simplify the threading process with a machine featuring an automatic needle threader.
  4. Wide Range of Stitches:
    • A variety of built-in stitches allows for versatility in sleeve sewing, accommodating different styles and fabrics.
  5. Stitch Elongation Options:
    • For customization, choose a machine with stitch elongation options to modify stitch lengths for specific sleeve designs.

How to Attach Sleeves to a Garments?

Properly attaching sleeves is a crucial step in sleeve sewing. Follow these steps:

  1. Align Seams:
    • Match notches and seams accurately for a seamless fit.
  2. Ease In Fullness:
    • Distribute fullness evenly when setting in sleeves to avoid puckering.
  3. Check Mobility:
    • Ensure ease of movement by testing the garment’s fit before finalizing the seams.

Sewing Sleeves at Home – Final Statement

Sewing sleeves is an art that needs dedication and expertise. If you are lacking any of these, the chances of ruining your favorite dress increase. We don’t want you to damage your favorite dress. This is why we have tried to teach you a sewing method.

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If something didn’t make sense to you or if you have an easy method of sewing sleeves at home, you can share it with us anytime! We would love to hear your thoughts!