What are Shank Buttons? How to Sew a Shank Button?

There is no single type of button. They come in various sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. Flat buttons are the most common type of buttons that are used in almost every country. It doesn’t matter to which generation you belong; you would have used classic flat buttons at some point in your life. But do you have any idea about shank buttons? 

Do you know what shank buttons are and how to sew a shank button? The numerical majority of people don’t know much about these buttons, but after reading this article, you will have something to share about these buttons with others! 

With that, let’s begin our study!

Shank Buttons - A General Introduction - how to sew a shank button

Shank Buttons – A General Introduction 

Shank buttons are also called Shank Back Buttons. These buttons are not flat like traditional flat buttons. These buttons also lack holes. In place of holes, these buttons have protrusions on the back. This protrusion helps in sewing the button onto the fabric.

If you compare shank buttons with sew-through buttons, you will find out some apparent differences: 

  1. Shank buttons have a protrusion in the back that is formed in the mold together with the rest of the buttons in some cases. In other cases, shanks are considered separate components that are attached to the buttons separately. See-through buttons are primarily made of nylon or resin. After shaping the buttons, holes are drilled into these buttons. 
  2. The manufacturing process of shank buttons is complex compared to the process of sew-through buttons. 
  3. Shank buttons are less common and more expensive than traditional flat buttons. Also, shank buttons are used in craft items, fabrics, and jewelry. Sew-through buttons are used in garments only.  
  4. Shank buttons come in a bunch of different shapes, designs, and colors, whereas flat buttons have mostly the same design, size, and shape. 
How to Sew a Shank Button?

How to Sew a Shank Button? 

Sewing on these buttons is not as complicated as it sounds. The method is somewhat similar to sewing on classic flat buttons. If you know how to sew flat buttons, you won’t have to invest much time in learning how to sew shank buttons. People often opt for shank buttons for a formal look. This is because shank buttons don’t contain visible stitches. Shank buttons are more common in coats, jackets, and other heavy garments. 

Let’s check out the simplest method to sew them on fabrics!

Step 1: Choose the Needle and the Thread - how to sew a shank button

Step 1: Choose the Needle and the Thread 

First of all, you need to observe the characteristic features of your fabric so that you can figure out which needle and thread will suit the fabric. If the fabric is thick, you will have to opt for a heavy needle. If the fabric is not thick, you will have to choose a lightweight needle. 

As for the thread, it depends on the color of your fabric. Most people use the same color thread as their fabric. If you don’t like matching colors, you can opt for contrasting colors. It is entirely your choice. Without making things complicated for yourself, you can opt for a thread that you used to sew the rest of your fabric.

Step 2: Thread the Needle in a Way That it is in the Middle of 2 Equal Lengths of Thread - how to sew a shank button

Step 2: Thread the Needle in a Way That it is in the Middle of 2 Equal Lengths of Thread

After choosing the thread and needle of your choice, thread the needle in such a way that the needle is in the middle of 2 equal lengths of thread. Equal length on both sides is important. Unequal lengths can ruin the overall look of your garment.

Step 3: Tie a Knot at the End Margins of the Thread  - how to sew a shank button

Step 3: Tie a Knot at the End Margins of the Thread 

Once you are done with threading the needle, tie a knot at the margins of the 2 lengths of thread. By doing this, you increase the thickness of the thread two times. Increasing the thickness is directly proportional to strength.

Step 4: Mark the Proper Placement for Your Button. how to sew a shank button

Step 4: Mark the Proper Placement for Your Button 

At this stage, you need to look for the proper placement of the shank button. You can find the right spot by using buttonholes or by marking the point of the garment where you want the shank button to sit. Once you have found the correct place for the button, thread the needle on the right side of the fabric in such a way that it only captures a little bit of the garment. Make sure that the needle doesn’t pass to the underside.

Step 5: Pull the Thread Tight. how to sew a shank button

Step 5: Pull the Thread Tight 

Pull the thread tightly so that the knot is tied to the point you marked in the previous step (step 4). After a perfect knot is made, cut the excessive thread with the help of scissors. Without wasting a second, thread the needle through the buttonhole. The shape and design of buttonholes vary from one type to another. It doesn’t matter which type of shank button you are using; the sewing method of all would be the same.

Step 6: Thread the Needle Through the Fabric. how to sew a shank button

Step 6: Thread the Needle Through the Fabric 

Thread the needle through the fabric in a similar fashion as you did in Step 2. Make sure that passed across the garment are consistent in size so that the underside appears like a single thread. Pull tight the thread as you did earlier. While pulling the thread, make sure that the shank is on the right side of the fabric. 

Continue passing the pointer (needle) through the shank and the fabric below the shank unless the buttons are secure. Make sure that the thread is doubled. After figuring out that the button is secure, form the ending knot. For making an ending knot, make a loop of thread and allow your needle to pass through it. In this way, a knot would be formed. 

After the formation of the ending knot, pull the thread so that the knot is further secured. If needed, repeat the same process. If not needed, cut the excessive thread, and you are done with sewing the shank button on your favorite fabric!

final statement - how to sew a shank button

Final Statement How To Sew A Shank Button

Shank buttons are eye-catching buttons that come with an external protrusion known as a shank. Unlike classic buttons, shank buttons come in different designs and shapes. This difference makes people think that sewing shank buttons would be a whole different story. 

This is not the case. Sewing shank buttons are more or less identical to the sewing method of traditional flat buttons. In case you don’t know how to sew a shank button, you can go through this writing. 

Hopefully, it will help you in one way or the other! For details, drop your text below!

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